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Aescu Private Ambulance Service
Inc. Event Paramedics

AESCU offers the full range of Ambulance services from First Aid qualified ‘First Responders’ to fully equipped Accident and Emergency Ambulances crewed by State Registered MSA Paramedics and Technicians.

Public Event Medical Management:
With Legislations and Health & Safety requirements surrounding Public Events being so detailed and with the Law changing so quickly, it is extremely difficult for the organiser(s) of any Public Event to ensure they have for filled the Law. At AESCU will undertake the responsibility to research the Current Legislation of your Event and advise on current best practice.

Paramedic Crewed Ambulances:
It is not just enough to say you provide State Registered Paramedics at your Event, but you must also provide this level of Medic with the Equipment and resources required to do the job. Our vehicles are equipped to the same standard as NHS A&E ambulances, incorporating defibrillation and ECG monitoring, drug therapy and spinal immobilisation.

Patient Transport Service:
To ensure your patient gets to his/her destination on time and safely, AESCU has invested in staff with experience in Control Room Management and Logistics. Our vehicles carry a Hewlett Packard PDA with ‘Tom-Tom’ navigational software and E-mail facility. To insure safety at all times we have invested in the latest wheel chair restraint system (the NMI safety system) offering 4 Point webbing belt tie downs, to safely secure a wheelchair and Diagonal Belts containing two separate lengths of webbing which allows both inertia reels to retract uniformly.

Off Road Ambulance:
If you are the organiser of an ‘Off Road’ Event you may be required to provide an ambulance with 4x4 capabilities, and we at AESCU have the vehicle for you. Our Long Wheel Base 4x4 has 7 seats and the ability to carry a proper stretcher. Fitted with oxygen and the usual medical equipment found onboard an ambulance, this vehicle will surly satisfy all you requirements.

International Medical Repatriation:
Being taken ill whilst on holiday is surly one of our worst nightmares, but unfortunately this is on the increase. Thankfully the Staff and Management at AESCU have combined, over 25years of experience. Ranging from the safe return of a 13 week premature Neonatal from the U.S. to the Road Transport of Spinal and Cardiac patients across our boarders.


To provide the highest quality pre hospital health care available in N.Ireland

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